The Backpacking Activity Group encompasses a variety of trip types and skill levels. True backpacking trips – overnight trips on which you carry all your gear in a backpack – can be 1-2 nights for a beginner trip or more than a week for those more experienced. Beginner backpacking trips frequent state parks or forests in Wisconsin while longer trips are taken to the Rocky Mountains, Isle Royal, Northern Ontario, the desert Southwest and other distant places. You can take a trip that lasts an afternoon or a week.

What about equipment?

You say you don’t have gear? That’s OK because Outing Club has a variety of equipment for use on club trips (equipment cannot be used for private use and cannot be rented). Equipment includes backpacks (both internal and external frame), sleeping pads (but not sleeping bags), backpacking stoves, water filters, first aid kits, and tents. So come along and join us on a trip out your back door or out to true wilderness. Check our these gear lists for specifics.

Meet your trip leaders!

Mark Strayer : President, Trip Leader, Instructor

Mark Strayer

President, Trip Leader, Instructor

"The Outing Club has been a massively influential part of my life. I've met lifelong friends, gone on adventures I couldn't possibly have imagined, and grown immensely as a listener, leader, and outdoors enthusiast. I'm partial to backpacking - I've helped lead trips everywhere from the Ice Age Trail here in Wisconsin to the Olympic Coast in Washington. I'm an ultralight gearhead and aspiring PCT thru hiker. Outside of Hoofers, I'm studying history and environmental sciences. As President, I want to make sure Outing can be everything it has the potential to be to all of its members, old and new. Chat me up after meetings, over email, or if you see me out and about! I'm always happy to talk about Hoofers."

Ryan Stowe : Vice President, Instructor, Trip Leader

Ryan Stowe

Vice President, Instructor, Trip Leader

I'm grateful for opportunities that Hoofer Outing Club has given me. I've learned how to Sea Kayak, Canoe, Backpack, and Telemark ski. Traveled to new places close to home - Wisconsin River, Kickapoo River, Door County, Hooferland, Ice Age Trail, Lake Michigan, Superior Hiking Trail and mountain biking in Upper Michigan. Or far places from home - Canyonlands in Utah, Appalachian Trail North Carolina, Buffalo River Arkansas, Zirkel Wilderness Colorado, Wind River Range, Wyoming and Olympic National Park in Washington. Through all of this, I've met some of my best friends in college and learned a lot. It's been great really.

Right now, I'm serving as the Vice President of the Hoofer Outing Club. I believe in what Hoofers does - bridging gaps to get into the outdoors may that be hard skills, soft skills, equipment access, experience, money, social capital or knowledge.

Mason Muerhoff : Trip Leader

Mason Muerhoff

Trip Leader

Likes taking pictures of animals and long car rides - loves to backpack and travel.

Anna Nordin :

Anna Nordin

Literally, can't stop smiling - loves backpacking.

Mary Cretney :

Mary Cretney

Loves mountains and getting close to the edge sometimes.

Alyssa Kristine :

Alyssa Kristine

Really good at speaking in accents.

Jacob Ng :

Jacob Ng

Once lit his hair on fire by mistake -  camp stove safety counts for something!

John Paul Martinez :

John Paul Martinez

Poet, Backpacker and Canoeist.

Murray Dunsirn :

Murray Dunsirn

Hurray Murray!

Taylor Marohl : Trip Leader, Instructor

Taylor Marohl

Trip Leader, Instructor

Went to Max Patch on the AT, great views - loves backpacking and canoeing.

Laura Arneson : Trip Leader

Laura Arneson

Trip Leader

Stellar at the Canoe T-Rescue - canoeist.

Jessica O’Neill : Backpacking Chair, Trip Leader

Jessica O’Neill

Backpacking Chair, Trip Leader

Jess has those super good vibes and likes to go backpacking. Ask her about it!

Will Caldwell : Equipment Manager, Road Bike & MTB Chair

Will Caldwell

Equipment Manager, Road Bike & MTB Chair

Goes places and fixes things. A true renaissance man.

Eric Oberhart : Canoe Chair, Trip Leader

Eric Oberhart

Canoe Chair, Trip Leader

Leads just about anything when voluntold. Frequent driver of The Van.

Alex Ames : Climbing Chair, Webmaster, Trip Leader

Alex Ames

Climbing Chair, Webmaster, Trip Leader

He leads frequent climbing trips to Devil's Lake as well as occasional paddling and skiing trips (when we all know he's really fantasizing about frequent climbing trips to Devil's Lake).

Miles Buob : Trip Leader

Miles Buob

Trip Leader

Face is now 100% intact. Trapped in New Zealand.