Canoe Camping- Group Gear

CampingĀ Gear
  • Tarp(s)
  • Tents
  • Toilet Paper
  • Trowel
  • Bungee Cords
  • Group lighting
  • Matches (Waterproof)
  • Firestarter
  • Rope
  • Portage Packs
Water Gear
  • Canoes
  • Paddles
  • PFDs
  • Adequate gear of transporting canoes
    • Ropes, cam straps, foam, racks, etc.
  • Backup Gear
    • Bring an extra paddle and PFD in case of emergency (1 for every 8ish people)
Safety Gear
  • First Aid Kit
    • Make sure it is the correct size and well stocked for the group
  • Repairs Kits
    • For tents, sleeping pads, and stoves
  • Maps
  • GPS/Satellite Phone
  • Compass
  • Duct Tape
Kitchen Gear
  • Stoves
    • Number and type varies depending on group size. HOC has white gas stoves, whisperlites, and pocket rockets.
  • Fuel
    • Make sure there is enough and that it is the correct type for the stove
  • Pot and Pans
    • Number and type depends on meals
  • Other Kitchen Utensils
    • Items depend on meals but can include knives, cutting boards, serving spoons, can openers, strainers, serving dishes, spatulas, etc
  • Food Storage (Bear Bag)
    • Bring waterproof or bear proof storage as needed
  • Water
    • Bring water storage either pre-filled (or filled closer to the site) or water treatment and filtration as needed
  • Coffee
    • And something to make it with
  • Garbage Bags
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Dishwashing soap and sponges
  • Kitchen Tables