Delta Lodge Ski Trip

What is it?

The Delta Lodge cross-country ski trip is an Outing Club tradition stretching back more than 25 years. Every year, the club ventures up to northern Wisconsin over MLKJ Weekend in January in search of snow, skiing, and fun. The club has ski gear that can be borrowed for free, so you don’t need to own skis to participate.

What happens on the trip?

Although the trip itinerary is not set in stone, it follows a fairly consistent pattern. The group departs for Delta Lodge on Thursday whenever each driver feels like it, and arrives roughly six hours later in the far north. After setting up the cabins and relaxing a bit, we head across Lake Delta for food and drinks at the Scenic Lodge. After eating our fill, the group returns to the warm cabins of Delta Lodge to snooze in preparation for what’s to come.
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are structurally similar–everybody wakes up bright and early (some more than others), cooks breakfast in the cabins, scouts out the best snow in the area, and heads there for a day of skiing. Once everybody’s good and exhausted and the sun is on its way down, we head back to Delta Lodge, cook up large quantities of dinner food, and kick back with hot cocoa, beer, board games, and whatever else is at hand.
Monday marks the end of the trip; we pack up in the morning and turn towards Madison, but not before enjoying a delicious brunch at the Delta Diner, which opens early just for us. By the end of the day on Monday, everybody’s back home, exhausted and sore but satisfied.

What should I bring?

non-cotton long underwear-base layer
2 non-cotton insulating top layers
non-cotton insulating pants
snow pants or wind blocking pants
wind/rain/snow-proof jacket
3 pairs of wool socks
day pack
warm gloves x2
warm hat x2
shower supplies
1-2 changes of clothes for the cabin
extra pair of socks
money * (at least $20)
ski equipment**
clean undies
mess kit (bowl, plate, silverware, cup)
water bottle(s) (2-3 L total)
breakfast food
sleeping bag

laundry detergent
camera (+charger)
(slip on) shoes for around the cabins
head lamp or flashlight
swim suit (for sauna)
warm pair of boots ***

*You need to bring a bit of cash. You need money for food on the way up, dinner and drinks on Thurs, trail passes F,Sat,Sun and breakfast on Monday. I would say you could get by on $30. And ATM’s are few and far between up there. Also, there is no way to get change when buying trail passes so bring lots of ones!

**You need to make sure that your ski equipment gets into a vehicle on Wednesday night. If you need club gear, come to gear-up on Wednesday and we will help you pick some out and get it into a vehicle. If you want bring your own gear and you don’t want transport it, bring it to the meeting and we’ll put it in a vehicle. Also, make sure that you have a a set of skis, a set of poles and a right and a left boot. Two years ago, someone got there and had 2 left boots. If you can’t make it to the meeting, please let me know!

***There might be some snowshoeing going on (we will bring the club snowshoes along) so if you might want to do that, bring a pair of warm winter boots (try for no hiking boots).

****If you want any alcoholic beverages, you will need to bring them or find a way to purchase them up there (there are usually a few beverage stops after skiing). However, please drink responsibly. Sauna beers are encouraged!

*****Vaseline can be applied to your face to keep you warm on really cold days and cut down on wind chill