Become a Leader

How to get started

1.) The Canvas Course! Email and ask to be added to a self-paced leadership training course as a great first step, OR click here to join the course! You can take all the time you need, but this MUST be completed before you attend the live session!

2.) Finished the Canvas course? Attend a Live Session Training! Live sessions are posted on the Calendar, just sign up and complete your Canvas course before then!! Email if you can’t attend the live session times!

3.) Finished your live session and the canvas course? Be a Leader In Training on a backpacking or paddle trip!! You can do this by reaching out to current leaders in the club that are taking trips out or looking for LIT-only trips throughout the year!

4.) Pick a place, plan a trip, and lead! Be sure to check out the resources at

Why Lead?

Leaders have the ability to:

  • Lead trips to wherever they please!
  • Assign rating to other club members!
  • Attend conferences and club events designed for leaders!
  • Curate long lasting outdoors memories for people experiencing the outdoors for the first time!

Hear from our leaders