Club Leaders

2019-2020 Hoofer Outing Club Executive Board



Ansley Laev

Hi y'all! My name is Ansley Laev, and I am the Outing Club President. I am a Gender & Women's Studies major and study Italian and Spanish on the side. I'm from Mequon, WI and grew up canoeing in the blissful Northwoods. I now work as a supervisor and tripping guide up north at Camp Manito-wish during my summers, and I lead backpacking and canoeing trips through Hoofers when I have a free weekend. I'm always down for a good book recommendation or a paddle with a friend, so come chat with me during my office hours on Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30 pm in the Mendota Lodge, or contact me at

Vice President


Emma Johnson

I am a third-year nursing student with a passion for all things paddling, backpacking, camping, hiking, and adventure related. The outdoors has been an integral part of my life ever since my father introduced me to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area as a young child. Successfully portaging a canoe at the age of 12 was my single greatest accomplishment in sixth grade! Contact me at

Land Safety Chair

Cretney Mary 2020

Mary Cretney

Hi all! My name is Mary Cretney. I am the HOC Land Safety Chair, which means I assist trip leaders in preparing safe adventures so that y'all can have fun! I am a recent UW-Madison graduate, having earned degrees in Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies. I've been an adventure enthusiast all my life and finding Hoofers my freshman year here helped me explore, lead, and learn. Backpacking, trail building, and rock climbing are the heart of my love for the outdoors. Contact me at

Water Safety Chair

Me Canoe

Caroline Rose

I have been paddling, camping, and spending time in the great outdoors my whole life, so when I joined Hoofers as a freshman student in 2009, it felt like home. I am especially involved in Hoofer whitewater trips, paddling both kayaks and open canoes. I am currently serving as a Water Safety Co-chairperson, so I approve all boating trips and trip leaders. Contact me at


Pletta Julia

Julia Pletta

Hello! My name is Julia and I'm a Sophomore at UW currently pursuing International Business and Finance with a certificate in Spanish. I'm currently the Treasurer and Webmaster, which means I overlook and manage the HOC Budget as well as the Outing Club website! I started to get outdoors at a young age with camping and road trips with my parents, starting with Blue Mounds State Park and extending to climbing Half Dome and backpacking in Alaska. In Hoofers I've done a wide range of activities from cross country skiing to whitewater kayaking to sea kayaking to backpacking and can't wait to do more with this amazing club! Contact me at!


Murphy Nathan

Nathan Murphy

My name is Nathan Murphy and I am the new secretary! I'm currently in my second year of college but my first year here at Madison. I've always been an outdoorsy person and with family living in Colorado I was able to explore some of the beautiful hiking offered throughout the state. Now every time my family or friends go on vacation, we do some kind of hiking/backpacking. This is what led me to join Hoofers the first day I was down in Madison. This club has been an amazing fit and I'm glad I get to contribute further! Contact me at

Equipment Co-Chair


Forrest Ahrens

My name is Forrest. I'm a sophomore at UW studying Mechanical Engineering. I am currently both one of the Co-Canoe and Co-Equipment Chairs for Outing Club! I’ve spent time paddling in the outdoors all my life (mostly in northern Minnesota) and have recently got into all sorts of other outdoor activities through Outing Club. My favorite Hoofers activity is any trip where I get to watch a sunset over the water and come back dirty but smiling. Contact me at or

Instruction Co-Chair


Laura Arneson

Hello hello! My name is Laura and I am a senior studying Geological Engineering and Geoscience. As one of the Instruction Chairs for Hoofer Outing, I am working to promote leadership development in the club. At 12 years old I was introduced to the outdoors via the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and have been lucky enough to return each summer since. Canoeing is probably my favorite Outing Club activity, whether it’s a weekend in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or an afternoon paddle on Lake Mendota. Contact me at

Equipment Co-Chair / Instruction Co-Chair

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Evan Fernandez

I'm the Equipment Manager, a Co-Instruction Chair, and I lead backpacking trips as well as participate in other activities. Let's just say a large amount of my life is devoted to Hoofer Outing. Contact me at

Marketing Chair

Mclaughlin Michael

Michael McLaughlin

Hey y'all! My name is Michael McLaughlin and I am a sophomore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My love for the outdoors can be awarded to my experience growing up and attending/working at camp Manito-Wish YMCA in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. From attending camp, I learned how to backpack, canoe, and kayak. Outdoor photography and the calming vibes of nature are what inspire me to get out there. I'm the marketing chair for this organization, so feel free to contact me with any ideas or questions at !

Social Co-Chair


Annie Stimmel

My name is Annie. I'm a sophomore at UW studying Communications with a Global Health Certificate. I am currently one of the Officers of Diversity & Inclusion for Hoofers, as well as the Co-Social Chair for Outing Club! I've always gone to/worked at summer camps and skied, but really got into the outdoors in this past year with Outing. Now... I'm committed a lifetime outside. My favorite Hoofers activity is any trip that results in sitting around a campfire with good friends. Contact me at

Social Co-Chair


Saige Ruleau

Hey there, I'm Saige! I'm a senior studying environmental studies, zoology, and American Indian studies. I enjoy getting new and old friends together in nature with my position as the co-social chair. After spending my childhood summers in a retro pop-up camper with my family and climbing pine trees in my backyard, I realized the outdoors was the place for me. I love going on Hoofer backpacking trips where the night sky is so clear and bright that it doesn't even look real, pure magic! Contact me at


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Julia Pletta

Hello! My name is Julia and I'm a Sophomore at UW currently pursuing International Business and Finance with a certificate in Spanish. I'm currently the Webmaster, which means I overlook and manage the Outing Club website! I started to get outdoors at a young age with camping and road trips with my parents, starting with Blue Mounds and extending to climbing Half Dome and backpacking in Alaska. In Hoofers I've done a wide range of activities from cross country skiing to whitewater kayaking to sea kayaking to backpacking and can't wait to do more with this amazing club! Contact me at

2019-2020 Hoofer Outing Club Activity Chairs

Backpacking Chair


Howdy y'all! My name is Joe and I'm a junior studying Marketing and Environmental Studies. I love to find any excuse to be outside. This has led me to get involved in a few different activities including backpacking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and more, but my favorite thing to do is take a nap in a hammock next to the lake. I have backpacking and canoe guiding experience in New Mexico and the BWCA/Quetico and just got back from 8 months spent travelling abroad in New Zealand and Australia. If you would like to connect, please email me at See you outside!

Canoe Co-Chair

Ahrens Forrest

Forrest Ahrens

My name is Forrest, and I’m a Sophomore at UW Madison studying Mechanical Engineering. I’ve been in love with the outdoors since I was young and have always felt at home on the water making canoe chair a natural position for me. My favorite canoeing memory is when a group of hoofers went on a whitewater training trip and spent plenty of time flipping but also made it down some pretty crazy rivers. I also love canoeing on lake Mendota when it’s still warm and am always down for a paddle!

Canoe Co-Chair


Otto Anson

Hi! My name is Otto and I am a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering with a certificate in German. In Hoofers, I am the secretary of the executive board as well as the canoe activity co-chair. I joined Hoofers second semester freshman year and before that I had never even slept in a tent. Since then, I met some great people through the club who recommended me to a summer job as a trail guide in the Boundary Waters. Over the summer I fell in love with the outdoors, camping, and especially canoeing and portaging! My favorite Hoofers activities include persuading people to canoe with me and whitewater canoeing because it is so fast-paced and requires me to be very focused and on my toes!

Whitewater Kayaking Chair

Lowry Alec

Alec Lowry

My name is Alec, and I'm a 2nd year at UW studying Computer Science. I've grown up active in the outdoors, but had never kayaked until joining Hoofers. Might be obvious, but I am hooked on it now and love spending a day on the river with friends. My favorite memory from whitewater kayaking has to be the first time I successfully rolled up in a river. I hope to share that experience with many people in the future. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions for me!

Cross-Country Skiing Chair

Ng Jacob

Jacob Ng

Heyo, I'm Jacob, a senior at UW Madison studying electrical engineering and sustainable energy. I've been skiing, climbing, paddling and hiking since I was little, so the Outing club seemed like the perfect community to plan adventures and try new activities. One of my favorite cross-country skiing memories is going up to the Porcupine Mountains, skiing in to a yurt, and then breaking trail through the forest.

Ice Age Trail Building Chair

Jacobsen Chris

Chris Jacobsen

My name is Chris Jacobsen, a community member. I joined the Hoofer Outing Club because I enjoy camping, canoeing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

I've always thought that the Ice Age Trail, a 1,000 mile hiking trail contained entirely within the state of Wisconsin, is a great idea.

My favorite memories are camping and hanging around the campfire with a great group of people, after a day of building new trail.

Sea Kayaking Chair

Holley Ryan

Ryan Holley

Hello! In addition to being the Hoofer Outing Club’s Sea Kayak Chair and Pool Session Coordinator, I am a PhD student at UW-Madison currently working on writing a dissertation in English-Literary Studies. I’ve been a member of the Hoofers Outing Club since the summer of 2014, and while I enjoy all manner of outdoor activities I am especially involved with paddling. I mostly participated in whitewater paddling (kayak and canoe) during my undergraduate years, but once I moved to Madison I found that my greatest passion lies in sea kayaking. I love the wide variety of experiences sea kayaking offers, whether it is a calm and scenic paddle on the Waupaca Chain of Lakes, a week-long island-hopping expedition among Lake Superior’s beautiful Apostle Islands, or an intense surfing session in some big breaking Great Lake waves. Sea kayaking has something for everyone, and I hope to help introduce others to an activity and a community which has given me so many great memories.

Mountain Biking Chair

Greyjoy balon

Telemark Skiing Chair

Plasterer Jack

Jack Plasterer

Hi, my name is Jack Plasterer, and I chair Telemark skiing. I’m a GIS-grad student (you could say I view the world as one giant map). I got involved with Hoofers because I love the outdoors, and wanted to get involved more in activities like hiking, canoeing & kayaking, skiing, and snowshoeing. While I have skied both cross-country and downhill since I was a kid, I never thought I would combine both those passions in the form of telemark skiing One memory I have from Tele skiing was first learning to ski, not having it at first, only to get the hang of it, and get to know some really cool fellow hoofers. I look forward to skiing with you!

Trail Running Chair

Hill Justine

Justine Hill

Hi! My name is Justine, and I am an undergraduate student at UW Madison studying Neurobiology with a certificate in Global Health. I love the outdoors, but I had only gone on a few outing trips when I came to Madison. I joined Hoofers to have more opportunities to experience and learn about the outdoors, and my passion for running led me to become the trail running chair. My favorite memory so far was when we ran through a nerve-racking dark tunnel underneath a long hallway and everyone was laughing but also freaking out a little bit (good bonding moment). Temporary Contact:

Snowshoe Chair

Maurer Leon

Leon Maurer

I'm a UW alum, and I love all things outdoors --- especially when they involve snow. I joined Hoofers as a student because I wanted to learn new activities with cool people, so I'm excited to be the snowshoe chair. My dad had an ancient pair of wood & rawhide snowshoes that I loved playing with as a kid, but I got more into snowshoeing during college, when I wanted a simple way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter. Drop me a line if you're looking for that too!