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2020 Outing Club Elections

It’s Outing Club elections season! Though many things have changed within Hoofers and the rest of the Madison community, club elections will still be going forward, fully online. No matter how much experience you have or how long you’ve been in the club, we strongly encourage anyone with passion to run for a leadership position! Please reach out to the president at outingpresident@hoofers.org with specific questions.

Check out our current Exec Board and Activity Chairs here.

Date Event
Mon 3/23/20 Nominations Open
Mon 3/30/20 Nominations Close
Tues 3/31/20 Deadline to submit Candidate Info Form
Tues 3/31/20 Candidate Info posted online
Tues 3/31/20 Online Voting opens (7 pm)
Tues 3/31/20 Candidate Forum Online
Tues 4/7/20 Online Voting closes (7 pm)
Wed 4/8/20 Candidates emailed with offers (8 am)
Fri 4/10/20 Deadline to accept offer (8 am)
Fri 4/10/20 Results announced

How to Run

  1. Nominate
    1. You or a friend may nominate you by filling out the Nomination Form, open from Monday 3/23-Monday 3/30
  2. Accept or decline nomination
    1. If you've been nominated, the president will send you a follow-up email
  3. Participate in online candidate forum
    1. You will give a short platform on who you are and why you are running
    2. Club members and president will be allowed to ask a few questions
    3. More details to come
  4. Vote online
  5. Accept or decline offer
    1. Respond to an email sent by the president on Wednesday 4/8
  6. Results announced to club, onboarding process starts, position turnover May 1

Open Positions

President, Treasurer, and the NEW Vice President of Trips are the three executive board positions open in this cycle. (The rest of the executive board and activity chair positions open for election when a chair leaves.) View position descriptions below. Reach out to the current chairs for informal questions or advice.

  • President PD
    • Current: Ansley Laev (outingpresident@hoofers.org)
  • Treasurer PD
    • Current: Julia Pletta (treasurer@hooferouting.org)
  • VP Trips
    • Current VP: Emma Johnson (vicepresident@hooferouting.org)
    • However- with specific questions on the change of this position, email Ansley at outingpresident@hoofers.org

Vice President of Trips- What is this?

  • What the position is: The Vice President of Trips is an update to the role of the Vice President. This person will still serve as the second-in-command to the President and will be in charge if the President is ever absent. In addition, the main purpose of the VP Trips is to be a leader of the tripping community, specifically by supporting the volunteer trip leaders of the club and ensuring that trips run smoothly throughout the year.
  • Why the change: Our club is growing! We have long waitlists for events and many interested leaders-in-training. We want to accommodate these changes and ensure that our tripping program and trip leaders are supported the best ways possible. Since the Vice President had few duties and I felt that the President position has too many other duties to be a sufficient leader of trips, I figured creating a specific position for this was the best solution. After workshopping this new position description a number of times with exec and activity chairs, the executive board voted on this change two weeks ago, and now the VP position is officially VP Trips.
  • What this means: The current VP will continue to carry out the original VP duties, not the new VP Trips duties. The updated position duties will be active on May 1, when the next person officially takes office. The first year of VP Trips will be a year of learning and changing, and adaptability is an essential trait for whoever will take this new position. The PD (position description) will act as a manual for the first year, which calls for regular meetings with the president and advisor to check in and discuss any needed changes in how the position functions.

Other Opportunities

Hoofers has plenty of leadership opportunities outside of Outing Club - both on Hoofer Council and within other clubs. Check out hoofers.org/lead for more information!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email outingpresident@hoofers.org for more information!