Club Leaders

2021-2022 Hoofer Outing Club Executive Board


Ahrens Forrest

Forrest Ahrens

Hi everyone! My name is Forrest Ahrens and I'm the president of Outing Club this year! I’m a senior studying Mechanical Engineering and am specifically interested in renewable energy and sustainability. I’ve spent time paddling in the outdoors all my life (mostly in northern Minnesota) and recently got into all sorts of other outdoor activities through Outing Club. My favorite Hoofers activity is any trip where I get to watch a sunset over the water and come back dirty but smiling. Please don't hesitate to contact me at

Vice President of Instruction

Mass Lily

Lily Mass

Howdy! My name is Lily and I am the Vice President of Instruction! I'm a third year majoring Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as getting certificates in Sustainability and Studio Art. I grew up playing outside and started camping when I was 9. Since then, I've spent my summers backpacking, kayaking, and canoeing the Northwoods. I love all the things in the Outing Club but I really want to do more whitewater paddling! My favorite trips are the ones where someone has messed up a meal just enough that it is horrible, but not bad enough that we can't eat it (pls lmk if you have any of those stories I love them). Feel free to email me if you have any questions at or want to swap stories!

Vice President of Trips


Evan Fernandez

My name is Evan, and I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering here at UW. I am the Vice President of Trips (VP-Trips) for this year until my term ends in May. I've been with the Hoofer Outing Club a long time and have held a few other positions, namely Instruction Chair and Equipment Manager. My family has always gone car camping throughout my life, but it wasn't until my junior year of high school when I first went to the Boundary Waters that I found my love for the backcountry. I love leading backpacking trips and canoeing lessons for the Outing Club, but mostly I help train new leaders and encourage people to get trips planned and on the calendar! If you have any question about Outing in any capacity, I can probably answer it, so email me at!

Land Safety Chair

John Hawkins

John Hawkins

Hello! My name is John Hawkins, and I am a Sophomore studying Political Science and Environmental Studies here at UW-Madison. I am the new Land Safety Chair, meaning I oversee all land activities for the club. I've loved the outdoors ever since I was a little kid. Whether it was climbing trees or getting lost in the woods, I loved it all. Nowadays, backpacking has been my outdoor activity of choice. I love backpacking throughout the US and, most importantly, with the club, but I'd have to say one of my favorite places to go is New Mexico, especially in the Gila National Forest. One of my favorite parts of backpacking is teaching and showing others more about the activity, and Hoofers is the best place to do this! If you have any questions, you can contact me at

Water Safety Chair


Caroline Rose

My name is Caroline. I am a graduate of the UW-Madison Geography Department, and I now work for the university as a cartographer. I am the Water Safety Chair, which means I oversee all of the paddling activities in the Outing Club, including quietwater canoeing, sea kayaking, whitewater kayaking, and whitewater canoeing. I grew up around canoes and kayaks, so when I came to UW-Madison as an undergrad, the Hoofer Outing Club felt like home. Contact me at



Claire Cirrincione

Hi! My name is Claire and I am a junior majoring Accounting and Risk Management & Insurance. I am currently the Treasurer of the Outing Club, which means I am in charge of all things money. I was introduced to the outdoors via going to the North Woods every summer growing up. In the past few years, I have been able to travel to some really cool places with my family where we are able to explore the outdoors. I visited my friend at Yellowstone this summer, which definitely got me even more excited for outdoor adventures! I am super excited to go on some backpacking, camping, and kayaking trips this year with Hoofers.

Feel free to send me any questions at!



Molly Greene

Hi there! My name is Molly and I am a freshman here at the UW studying psychology. I joined the Hoofer executive board this year as Secretary. I’ve always felt more at home in the great outdoors than any other place on Earth! Some favorite places I’ve gone hiking are Badlands National Park, Acadia National Park, and Grand Island Michigan! I can’t wait to get to know you all better and get OUT! Contact me at

Equipment Co-Chair

Blashka Hoofers Web Picture

Wesley Blashka

Hello! My name is Wesley, and I am a sophomore at the UW pursuing Spanish and Biochemistry. In Hoofers, I am currently the Equipment Manager, overseeing the Outing Club's large collection of equipment for the various activities we do. I've always loved outdoor activities such as camping and kayaking from a young age, and Hoofers has enabled me to pursue and develop skills in these activities, including backpacking trips and kayaking adventures. These are my favorite things to do with the club, and I look forward to having you join me on a trip! Reach out to me at with any questions, comments or concerns!

Equipment Co-Chair


Wyatt Leeser

Hello! My name is Wyatt, and I am a Sophomore studying Chemical Engineering at UW Madison. I am currently the Equipment Manager co-chair, taking care of the various equipment Hoofers has to offer. I have grown up in the out doors and love camping and kayaking. Reach out to me at with any questions, comments or concerns!

Marketing Chair


John Zwick

Hey everyone! I'm John and I'm the marketing chair for the Outing Club, which means I'm hard at work spreading the word about the best club on campus! I'm a senior pursuing majors in Communication Arts and History, as well as the Environmental Studies certificate. I've enjoyed spending time outside for most of my life, but I developed my passion for backpacking and paddling by getting involved with Outing as a sophomore. As a leader in the club, I'm enthusiastic about helping create the same sort of opportunities that initially got me excited about being a Hoofer. My favorite activities to lead are backpacking trips on weekends and canoe and kayak lessons on weeknights. Feel free to contact me at, and don't forget to follow @hoofer_outing on Instagram for club news and awesome trip photos!

Social Chair


Valerie Bares

Hi, I’m Val! I am a junior studying Biology and Geoscience. I am very passionate about the outdoors since I grew up paddling and camping in the Boundary Waters and beyond. I have a special place in my heart for canoeing, but if I’m outside, I’m having a great day! My favorite trips are ones where I can laugh with friends and eat good food. I am the social chair, and I am excited to continue to create an inclusive and fun environment for all members! Feel free to contact me at!



Kendra Nelson

Hey outdoors-people! I'm Kendra, now known as the Webmaster (I update the website with current information and keeping it running smoothly!). I am a junior studying Electrical Engineering and got involved in the Hoofer Outing club originally because I love sea kayaking. I worked as a kayak guide up in the Apostle Islands leading day trips around some of the beautiful shoreline up there, which is where my love for the outdoors exploded. I am so happy to be able to be a part of club that can facilitate wonderful adventures outside! My favorite trips include (you guessed it) sea kayaking trips, lessons, or random broomball games. Reach out to me at with any questions, comments, or ideas for the website!

Hoofer Ambassadors Liaison


Marion McKinney

Hello! I’m Marion and I’m one of the Hoofer Ambassador Liaisons for the Outing Club. I’m a junior studying psychology and environmental studies with the aim of going into medicine. I love being outside, especially going rock climbing, gardening, canoeing, birding, and general tromping around nature! I’d love to chat with you about Ambassadors, Outing Club, and anything else — find me at

Hoofer Ambassadors Liaison


Drew Cobin

Hi! My name is Drew Cobin, and I'm a sophomore pursing majors in Economics and Communication Arts, as well as a Certificate in Business. I am very excited to be serving on this year's exec board. The outing club has been a great way for me to explore some great hiking spots near campus. Being from Los Angeles, I have been within driving distance of many spectacular natural locations, and I'm looking forward to further exploring what Wisconsin has to offer. This year in Hoofers, I am the Co-Hoofer Ambassadors Liaison alongside Marion. Hoofer Ambassadors is an initiative that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Hoofers Council and all six Hoofers clubs. As the liaison for Ambassadors, my job is to integrate the values of DEI into our programing and structure of our club. Reach out to me at for any questions or suggestions about how we can best promote inclusion within Outing!

2021-2022 Hoofer Outing Club Instruction Board

Email Coordinator

Caroline Hess

Caroline Hess

Hey! I am Caroline and I am the Email Coordinator for the Instruction Board of Hoofers. I am a freshman currently Pre-Nursing but that decision is slowly changing. I started going to a camp in Northern Wisconsin when I was 13 and continued going back for longer expeditions! I love canoeing and kayaking especially in Wisconsin in the Apostle Islands and in Canada in Northern Saskatchewan and the Quetico Provincial Park. Feel free to reach out with any questions at Peace on the Waterways!

Lesson Coordinator

Maggie Mullen

Maggie Mullen

Hey guys! I’m Maggie Mullen, a sophomore majoring in Conservation Biology with a certificate in Digital Studies. The most important moments in my life have been spent outside whether it be while backpacking, canoeing, or just hanging out with friends. There are an absurd amount of ways to enjoy the natural world, and I am so excited to be a part of an outdoor community that seeks to take advantage of all the resources we have at UW Madison. Anyways, this has been fun; if you wanna talk more consider emailing!!!

Live Session Coordinator

Keira obert

Keira Obert

Hi I’m Keira! I’m a second year student studying wildlife ecology and photography. As the Live Session Coordinator, I am super passionate about creating new club leaders and I help teach new leaders the tricks of the trade! I love doing anything that gets me outside- backpacking in the mountains, canoeing up north, and finding the best hammocking spots. If you have any questions about the process of becoming a leader, reach out to me at I hope to see you all out on the trails soon!

Leader Appreciation Coordinator


Kailey Felch

Hey all! My name is Kailey, I’m a sophomore at UW studying Environmental Studies and Conservation Biology. In Hoofers, I’m Instruction co-chair, which means I help out with training new leaders, getting the best leaders in the business!! I’ve always loved being outside, me and my dad have been doing backpacking trips in the Boundary Waters ever since I was little, and I’ve done a couple cool trips to National Parks around the country. I love being in nature, it makes me feel at peace and always brings me the best kind of clarity. Can’t wait to see ya’ll on the trail!! Reach out to me at with any questions, I’d love to keep in touch!!

2021-2022 Hoofer Outing Club Activity Chairs

Backpacking Co-Chair


Anna Arthur

Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I'm a sophomore, still undecided but leaning towards Data Science and Legal Studies. I'm the backpacking chair, so I'll be leading some backpacking trips and helping plan others. My favorite hoofers activities are backpacking and kayaking. I have always gone on outdoors trips with my family, especially my two brothers, and they are some of my best memories to date. I'm so excited to make more memories with you all! I'm available at, so let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or sick trip ideas!

Backpacking Co-Chair

Gabe Freibauer

Gabe Friedbauer

Hello everyone! My name is Gabe, and I am a junior studying Wildlife Ecology. My love for the outdoors came from parents. They were adamant about spending time outdoors and took my family on many camping, backpacking, and canoeing trips. My favorite places include the Pacific Northwest, the Boundary Waters, and Jasper National Park in Canada. Along with my love for the outdoors comes a passion for wild animals. I’m especially fond of megafauna like Bison and Moose, or anything I can catch with a fly rod, but I find any wild animal intriguing. I am available at, if there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Canoe Chair


Sophie Stein

Hi, I’m Sophie! I am a sophomore studying Art History and Anthropology. I grew up paddling in the Boundary Waters and exploring various National Parks with my family, so I absolutely love the outdoors. My favorite trips are ones where I can see and try new things, make new friends, and eat good food. As the Canoeing Chair, I am excited to encourage others to get outside and paddle! Feel free to contact me at!

Whitewater Kayaking Chair


Emily Masterson

Hello! My name is Emily Masterson and I’m a junior pursing biomedical engineering with a Japanese certificate. As the Whitewater Kayaking Chair, I teach lessons, lead trips, and oversee all of the whitewater leaders. My passion for the outdoors began in middle school where I paddled on a bunch of rivers in the Midwest with my whitewater kayaking club! What I like the most about Hoofers is meeting new friends who share the same love for the outdoors. Feel free reach out to me at

Cross-Country Skiing Chair


Ben Johnson

Hi everyone! I'm Ben, and I'm currently a junior studying mechanical engineering. I'm also taking classes for a certificate in engineering for energy sustainability and a certificate in leadership. This year, I'm the cross-country skiing chair. My love for the outdoors started from a young age, when I went for a road trip and camped around the country, hitting almost every national park west of the Mississippi. I enjoy every Hoofer activity, including cross-country skiing, canoeing, paddling whitewater, sea kayaking, backpacking, cycling, and more. You can contact me at

Ice Age Trail Building Chair

Jacobsen Chris

Chris Jacobsen

My name is Chris Jacobsen, a community member. I joined the Hoofer Outing Club because I enjoy camping, canoeing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

I've always thought that the Ice Age Trail, a 1,000 mile hiking trail contained entirely within the state of Wisconsin, is a great idea.

My favorite memories are camping and hanging around the campfire with a great group of people, after a day of building new trail.

Sea Kayaking Chair

Holley Ryan

Ryan Holley

Hello! In addition to being the Hoofer Outing Club’s Sea Kayak Chair and Pool Session Coordinator, I am a PhD student at UW-Madison currently working on writing a dissertation in English-Literary Studies. I’ve been a member of the Hoofers Outing Club since the summer of 2014, and while I enjoy all manner of outdoor activities I am especially involved with paddling. I mostly participated in whitewater paddling (kayak and canoe) during my undergraduate years, but once I moved to Madison I found that my greatest passion lies in sea kayaking. I love the wide variety of experiences sea kayaking offers, whether it is a calm and scenic paddle on the Waupaca Chain of Lakes, a week-long island-hopping expedition among Lake Superior’s beautiful Apostle Islands, or an intense surfing session in some big breaking Great Lake waves. Sea kayaking has something for everyone, and I hope to help introduce others to an activity and a community which has given me so many great memories.

Mountain Biking Chair

Screen Shot 2021 10 19 at 1 59 33 PM

Joe Foye

Howdy y'all! My name is Joe and I'm a recent graduate from UW where I studied Marketing and Environmental Studies. I love to find any excuse to be outside. This has led me to get involved in a few different activities including backpacking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and more, but my favorite thing to do is take a nap in a hammock next to the lake. I have backpacking and canoe guiding experience in New Mexico and the BWCA/Quetico and just got back from 8 months spent travelling abroad in New Zealand and Australia. If you would like to connect, please email me at See you outside!

Telemark Skiing Chair

Plasterer Jack

Jack Plasterer

Hi, my name is Jack Plasterer, and I chair Telemark skiing. I’m a GIS-grad student (you could say I view the world as one giant map). I got involved with Hoofers because I love the outdoors, and wanted to get involved more in activities like hiking, canoeing & kayaking, skiing, and snowshoeing. While I have skied both cross-country and downhill since I was a kid, I never thought I would combine both those passions in the form of telemark skiing One memory I have from Tele skiing was first learning to ski, not having it at first, only to get the hang of it, and get to know some really cool fellow hoofers. I look forward to skiing with you!

Trail Running Chair

Hill Justine

Justine Hill

Hi! My name is Justine, and I am an undergraduate student at UW Madison studying Neurobiology with a certificate in Global Health. I love the outdoors, but I had only gone on a few outing trips when I came to Madison. I joined Hoofers to have more opportunities to experience and learn about the outdoors, and my passion for running led me to become the trail running chair. My favorite memory so far was when we ran through a nerve-racking dark tunnel underneath a long hallway and everyone was laughing but also freaking out a little bit (good bonding moment). Temporary Contact:

Snowshoe Chair

Maurer Leon

Leon Maurer

I'm a UW alum, and I love all things outdoors --- especially when they involve snow. I joined Hoofers as a student because I wanted to learn new activities with cool people, so I'm excited to be the snowshoe chair. My dad had an ancient pair of wood & rawhide snowshoes that I loved playing with as a kid, but I got more into snowshoeing during college, when I wanted a simple way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter. Drop me a line if you're looking for that too!