MWOLC 2024

What is the Midwest Outdoor Leadership Conference?

The Midwest Outdoor Leadership Conference (MWOLC) is a student-run outdoor leadership conference that occurs each year, hosted by various colleges and universities throughout the Midwest. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Hoofer Outing Club is beyond excited to host MWOLC 2024 at the Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center! The weekend consists of skill-development and informational workshops, networking opportunities, career exploration, and many fun activities! This conference is an opportunity for undergraduate students interested in the field of outdoor recreation and education to unite and learn from each other, developing their leadership and technical skills, while making connections with others that may influence their future careers or hobbies.

Where can I learn more?

You can find more info at the MWOLC website, and you can stay up to date by following the Instagram (@mwolc_) and Facebook (Midwest Outdoor Leadership Conference) pages! Feel free to reach out to the Conference Coordinator, Katy Wales, at with any other questions.

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